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We Can Train Our Mind to Boost Our Happiness

We Can Train Our Mind to Boost Our Happiness

Our brain is naturally hard wired to prevent loss and pursue happiness.
Have you ever wondered if there is anything you can do to help yourself feel happier?

We can often only try our best to keep our balance by responding skilfully to life’s difficulties and being grateful for life’s joys.
We don’t always have to wait for good things to happen in life, or for other people to make us happy, there are some easy things we can do for ourselves to create more happiness in our life.
There’s so much truth in the saying ‘happiness comes from within’
and there are many things that can increase our general wellbeing and help us to become more mindful, happier people. Sometimes it’s life changes or decisions that need to be made or perhaps it’s the things we can’t change that need to be accepted. We don’t have to go shopping or win the lottery, happiness doesn’t need to cost anything at all because its simply a state of mind we can find.

Here’s some ideas of happiness boosters both big and small;

A pet is of course quite a big commitment but it can give you unconditional love and help you to feel happier.
Looking after an animal of any kind can be a great distraction as they rely on your care and attention to keep them healthy. Not everyone’s a dog lover but any animal can be really rewarding. Even just some fish, they are both hypnotic and relaxing to watch, as well as being relatively easy to look after. If you’d love a pet but can’t commit to caring for one full time maybe you could pet sit or share the responsibility with a friend or neighbour. Many studies have shown animal owners are generally happier, less stressed and more relaxed in everyday life.

Maybe there’s someone you can help in someway, big or small, this not only improves their life but the act of giving naturally improves your own well-being.
If you are able to give your time, do some fundraising or even make a donation of money or goods to charity, not only will you be helping others you will also be helping yourself to feel happier. You will feel proud of your efforts and be doing something rewarding. Helping other people and finding ways to be less selfish and more giving puts the focus outside of yourself. Taking time to write thank you letters can make your family and friends feel more valued. Random acts of kindness however big or small are a great happiness booster both for the giver and the receiver.

Try to become a more positive person by being more mindful and present in your daily life. You can help yourself by practicing concentrating on the good things that happen to you everyday however small they might be.
If you are stuck in a rut and have a negative thinking habit Hypnotherapy is very good for training your mind to think more positively. When there are problems or things you can’t change the pursuit of happiness can seem more difficult but try not to dwell on those problems too much because it’s not helpful. It may take time but if its possible you can start by working through those difficulties. You could try to get some practical help but then also concentrate on something positive as well. Perhaps you could try to think of one or two good things that happen everyday as well as organising more social activities if you feel lonely. Socialising with positive people and laughing with them can make you feel happier.

Find different ways to become more mindful everyday.
Mindfulness is simply training your mind to let go of thoughts of the past or the future and learning to concentrate more on the present moment. It has been proven to help reduce stress, depression, excessive worrying and anxiety. You might be surprised to discover that even a simple thing like noticing a blackbird singing in the morning or going for a walk can easily boost your feelings of happiness.


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