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What do Lily Allen and Prince Harry have in common?

What do Lily Allen and Prince Harry have in common?

They have both used hypnotherapy to improve their life!

Celebrities often use hypnosis to overcome habits, fears and deal with stress better.
Lily Allen has been reported to use hypnotherapy as an aid to weight loss and quitting smoking. Gerry Halliwell and Sophie Dahl have both lost weight successfully after their treatment.
It was also widely reported that Prince Harry had hypnosis to stop smoking. A whole host of other celebrities openly praise their hypnotherapists for helping them quit smoking including Ellen Degeneres, Ben Affleck, Drew Barrymore, Matt Damon and Samuel L Jackson.
Kate Middleton and Kate Moss reportedly used hypnotherapy during their pregnancy. Hypnotherapists are commonly used on television shows such as X Factor to help contestants overcome fears and stage fright. Leona Lewis had hypnotherapy to help improve her confidence. Most recently Simon Cowell hired a hypnotherapist to help a contestant remember her words during her performance.
Sports hypnosis is a regular part of training for sporting stars such as David Beckham, Tiger woods and Nick Faldo helping them to become top of their game.

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