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Symptoms and treatments at Cheshire Hypnotherapy

Serving Greater Manchester & Cheshire

One of the many benefits of hypnotherapy is that the session can be specifically tailored for each individual client. At Cheshire Hypnotherapy in Altrincham a whole range of psychological and physiological problems can be addressed, by using either hypnosis, NLP and life coaching, or a combination where necessary. Most issues can be reduced or even resolved within 4-8 sessions.

Some of the more common treatments include:

Life Coaching and counselling is also used to assist you with fulfilling your potential and reaching your personal goals.

Of course, just because the ailment you wish to address is not listed above does not mean it cannot be treated through hypnotherapy. To discuss your personal requirements in the strictest of confidence, and to understand how any treatment can be customised to your specific case, please get in touch.

Please call Lisa Smith at Cheshire Hypnotherapy for a free telephone consultation or to book your appointment.

Tel: 0161 928 9830 Altrincham consulting room

Email: lisa@cheshirehypnotherapy.co.uk