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The IBS Link

The IBS Link

Settle your stomach with these 5 easy tips.

It has been proven that there is a strong link between Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS and stress. Your brain and gut work very closely together. Your gut contains about 100 million neurones which is more than your spinal cord. In addition to this neurotransmitters such as Serotonin and Endorphins are also present and they control your mood.
Stress and unhealthy eating sends your system into overdrive leading to a loss of balance and equilibrium. IBS can affect your confidence, self esteem, social life, travel plans, immune system, sleep and make you feel depressed. If you suffer from IBS it is very important to address any areas of difficulty in your life by;

1- Making sure you have as regular routine as possible
2- Eating a healthy diet, drinking less alcohol, more water and having regular meals
3- Getting enough sleep and exercise
4- Incorporating some more relaxing hobbies into your week
5- Reducing anxiety by practicing self hypnosis, or meditation on a regular basis

For some people it is necessary to make other more dramatic changes such as getting a different job, reducing working hours or leaving a difficult relationship behind. Changes like these should of course never be made on impulse they really need to be well thought out because stress naturally occurs with changes.
Your gut can be more sensitive after infections, virus’s, periods of stress or food poisoning so it might also be necessary to make changes to the food you eat. Keeping a food diary may help you to recognise if you have become sensitive to something you are eating. Some of the most common are milk and wheat because they can be more difficult for some people to digest.
A dietician can give you guidance about following a low Fodmap diet which, although complicated, can bring relief especially when used alongside stress reduction techniques.
It is very important to have the relevant medical tests from your GP or consultant to rule out any other conditions and to get an IBS diagnosis.
Hypnotherapy has been proven to be a good method for stabilising IBS and it it often used in NHS hospital treatment programmes.

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