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Stoptober! You Can Stop Smoking

We are now nearing the end of ‘Stoptober’ and I think the campaign has been a success. I have seen so may people determined to quit and improve their health. It really isn’t an easy thing to do as so many factors are involved. If you are one of the people who have failed to quit please don’t give up trying to give up. Stay positive be firm with yourself keep stopping or cutting down and hopefully you will get there eventually. It is really worth it!
You could try Hypnotherapy, it works very differently from nicotine replacement and concentrates on the habit of smoking which is normally engrained in the smokers everyday routines making it hard for them to forget about being a smoker.
Most smokers do actually enjoy the habit of smoking even though they know its unhealthy so it is normally this desire that needs to be addressed. Having nicotine doesn’t get rid of the habit and most of the people who come to me have tried all of the nicotine replacement products and counselling on the NHS without any long-term success. I use a powerful hypnotherapy technique to help remove or reduce the desire to smoke and also help my clients to remain motivated in their goal of becoming a non smoker even through periods of stress. I also address issues of weight gain and over eating which can be a problem for some people after they quit smoking. Make the change now for life and you will never regret giving up smoking.

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