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Stopping smoking before 30 cuts your risk of related diseases

A new Lancet study of over 1 million UK women has concluded that stopping smoking before the age of 30 cuts the risk of death from smoking by 97%!

2 out of 3 smokers want to quit.

The British Medical Association has found that smoking kills 90,000 people and costs the NHS 1.5 Billion. Dentists found that Smokers have on average 5-6 fewer teeth than none smokers, not to mention the deep-set wrinkles that are much worse in smokers, as smoking accelerated the ageing process. Quitting smoking has rapid health benefits and your body begins a healing process immediately. Your breath, clothes and hair wont smell so bad. Your house and car will be free of smoking smells. Your taste buds improve so that food and drink tastes better. Quitting smoking is obviously good financially and if you normally smoke 20 per day then you will save over £1,000 in a year!

Here are just a few of the health benefits of quitting smoking –

  • 48 hrs blood pressure returns to normal and damaged nerve endings due to smoking start to regrow
  • 72 hrs breathing and bronchial tubes relax and oxygen and energy levels increase
  • 1 month skin appearance noticeably improves
  • 3-9 months lung function increases
  • 1 year risk of heart attack falls
  • 10 years risk of lung cancer falls

Really its never too late to stop smoking and you should never give up trying to quit. Smoking is socially difficult and often unacceptable now so smokers often feel pushed out. Some even have low self esteem because of they feel guilty about smoking and not being able to stop. Its so unusual to see smoking on the television these days and it was surprising to see how much Helen Flanagan on ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ appears to smoke. She was reported as saying she really wanted to give up last year. Help is available if you find it difficult to stop smoking on your own.


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