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Quit Smoking Special Offer!

March 13th 2013 is National No Smoking Day so if you are thinking about quitting smoking it’s a good time to make your appointment. As a hypnotherapist I speak to many smokers who have tried to stop smoking time and time again. My clients sometimes tell me they got so fed up with trying and failing that they thought they could never stop!
Hypnosis for quitting smoking is different because by using proven psychological techniques i treat the habit of smoking, making smoking repulsive and helping you to feel more positive about stopping. This can normally be achieved in only one session!
It’s never too late to quit.
If you would like to stop smoking and save money.
Book your hypnotherapy appointment during March 2013 and it will only cost you £80 my fees are normally £130 so that’s a saving of £50!
Please read my testimonials for more information.

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