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National eating disorders awareness week support

As a hypnotherapist who works with clients suffering from eating disorders I am pleased to read the awareness week was a great success across the UK. It helps people both with and without an eating disorder to have a better understanding of a condition that can be very debilitating. Eating disorders such as Anorexia, Bulimia, bingeing, and food phobias can control every aspect of life. Those who suffer often feel they have no help or understanding and hide the condition as much as possible.
Psychotherapy is often used to uncover any emotional or psychological difficulties that may be linked to the eating disorder. It can help to find the root cause and then hypnotherapy and NLP can be used to break the cycle and get rid of any negative patterns or associations with food or self image. The techniques used are helpful for re building confidence and strength. Raising awareness and support helps people suffering from eating disorders to see that there is help available that can lead to freedom from the condition and a more positive healthy future.
For more information help or advice please see the beat eating disorders website

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