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More confidence under pressure

One important exercise you should be doing yourself for more confidence during pressured situations such as sports, performances, exams or driving tests.

I have clients who are actors, musicians and sports people among others who use hypnotherapy as a method to achieving their goals and keeping calm and confident under pressure. As you can imagine it can really ruin a great performance if nerves take over. Confidence building is not just for social situations but also for people in demanding high pressured jobs. A musician, especially classical musicians, need to be calm and confident during what is normally an intensive performance. A sports person needs to believe in their goal and be in the zone to really enhance their performance. I also have clients who come for confidence and help when taking an exam or driving test. Driving test and exam nerves are common because even though you may have practiced everything required for passing the test there is still a lot riding on the big day itself! It’s a stressful situation to be in even if you are normally a confident person.

There is more you can do for yourself at home such as practicing positive visualisation and seeing the goal you have in mind already achieved. Making your images bright and vivid during this exercise can help them seem more realistic. This is something that my clients learn to practice daily and when they come for their session we often use this technique with hypnosis which can be incredibly powerful and get results fast!

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