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Make your new years resolution even stronger

Reach your goals!
New year brings lots of hope and fresh resolutions and now that 2013 is here many of you will be planning your goals and looking forward to making some positive changes. Life is all about growth and challenges however big or small and making changes will help increase your confidence. Stopping smoking, losing weight, exercising or making more progress at work are common goals for many people, but for some simply getting better after illness might be a big achievement so it’s all relative. Change is sometimes difficult but it is certainly possible and in order to achieve your goals you need to be fully committed and focused. Your goals need to be both realistic and specific which sometimes requires some thought and planning. Taking some time to do this properly will naturally increase your chances of achievement. Try not to make too many changes at once just concentrate on the most rewarding goals first. Writing your resolutions down along with the reasons and telling your friends and family about what you want to achieve is a step that can really strengthen your commitment to the changes that you want to make. Visualisation is also an important step, so seeing yourself reaching your goal is imperative for success. If you have a long-term goal it’s a good idea to have a book to note, record thoughts and plan in so that you can break it down into smaller sections. Then you can easily keep track of your progress and amend or review things along the way if necessary. Most people give up too easily even at the first hurdle but if you can stick at it for longer than you normally do you then have a much greater chance of getting that breakthrough you hope for.
Make that change!

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