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Hypnosis – a brief history

Hypnosis benefits were first discovered by Franz Mesmer in 1775. A Scottish doctor, James Braid, changed the name from Magnetism to Hypnosis much later in 1884 when he established it as a psychological phenomenon. It was during this time that a surgeon named James Esdaile performed some 2,000 operations and even amputations with his patients under hypno-anesthesia and reported them feeling no pain.

  • By 1947 hypnosis was being used by dentists in the U.S.
  • In 1958 the American medical association approved the therapeutic use of hypnosis by physicians.
  • The British Medical Association recognised hypnosis as an effective form of therapy in 1955.
  • In 1995 the National Institute of Health recommended hypnosis be incorporated into healthcare to a greater degree.

What is it?

Hypnosis is like meditation, your eyes are closed and you feel relaxed. It is a heightened state of awareness during which the conscious mind is suppressed and the subconscious or unconscious mind is more open to positive suggestion. The hypnotherapist is then able to suggest ideas or concepts and positive lifestyle adaptations which then become more firmly planted in the unconscious mind. Hypnotherapy is a safe and natural process that aims to help with psychological issues and correct negative behaviours such as:

It is also very helpful for weight loss and gaining control of your eating habits. Hypnotherapy is used in hospitals for IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) as well as being used for natural childbirth and also as a support to IVF fertility treatment. It can even help you to perform better on the golf course as every PGA player will say that golf is 90% mental and many other sporting professionals use visualisation to improve their game.

NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP stands for neuro-linguistic-programming. It is based on the study of human excellence, like having an instruction manual for how the mind works. NLP can also help you to fund your goals and achieve them. Hypnosis and NLP are also effective for:

With these techniques it is possible to bring about change rapidly because NLP communicates with the mind the right way for it to understand.

How does it work?

Hypnosis involves a slight altering of our state of consciousness, so that the analytical left hand side of the brain is resting whilst the right hand side, the subconscious is more alert.

Our subconscious is deeper seated and more instinctive. Activities such as walking, talking and emotional reactions are all dependent on our unconscious involvement. Hypnosis can therefore help to change unwanted behaviour which is stored in the subconscious and create a new positive behaviour which promotes a change in attitude so you can do the things you want to do and stop doing the things you dislike.

A good example of this is in stopping smoking. If it was up to our conscious mind then it would suffice to say ‘I want to stop’ but the habit is stored deeper in our subconscious and this is where hypnosis works. It is this part of the mind that has to accept change for the patient’s behaviour and physical state to improve. Hypnotherapy is helpful for a whole variety of psychological problems as well as Phobias, Anxiety, Insomnia and also Weight Loss.

To see a NCH video of a typical person discussing their experience with hypnotherapy, please click below.

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