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Getting a good nights sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind

Getting a good nights sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind

I have many clients who seek hypnotherapy to help with Insomnia and sleep disorders. 

Sleep is essential for our health and well-being. It is restorative and regenerating,  sleep helps us to function properley on a daily basis. For people who sleep well it’s easy to take it for granted, it’s only when you can’t sleep that you can appreciate just how much we need it or how it feels to not be getting enough sleep. Insomnia can be debilitating and often makes daily functioning very difficult. 

Getting a good nights sleep is a priority because it helps protect your body and your mind and even though  sleep may seem like a continued state of unconsciousness it is actually a process of several important stages. 

Sleep disorders such as Insomnia, restless leg syndrome, teeth grinding, night terrors and sleep walking can be very difficult to cope with. If you think you have a sleep disorder then it is important that you visit your GP who will be able to give you advice and also rule out any possible underlying medical conditions. 

Hypnotherapy helps improve sleep quality and quantity by changing patterns of behaviour. It can work very effectively as a treatment for many sleep disorders and insomnia. Many sleep disorders are caused or worsened by stress and anxiety, usually it is not a situation itself which causes stress but the way we react to it. Hypnotherapy is very relaxing and can be helpful for reducing stress and anxiety. 

 Good sleep is essential for-

1. A healthy heart 

2. Reduced stress 

3. Reduced inflammation 

4. Better decision making 

5. Better memory 

6. Weight loss 

7. Better cognition 

8. Reducing depression 

9. Better immune system 

10. Emotional balance


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