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Exercise your mind and your body to lose weight


This is the time of year that many people think about losing a few pounds before the over indulgence of the Christmas season. It’s common to struggle with weight and diets for decades but its important not to give up! Trying to control portion sizes, cravings and choosing healthy foods can be difficult to maintain. Diets often involve breaking long-established and deep-rooted bad eating habits which is why they are so difficult to keep up. Hypnotherapy is a completely different relaxed approach that can help you gain control and get rid of diet related stress, guilt and anxiety. Hypnosis helps you to have a new approach and tackles overeating and cravings that are normally triggered by emotions not hunger. My clients learn to choose health food and not to eat out of emotional hunger which is often the root cause of weight gain. Exercise is also an important part of weight loss and hypnotherapy is great for improving motivation and a positive attitude. My clients are also given a self-hypnosis CD to listen to at home in between our sessions

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