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Are you struggling to lose weight?

Are you struggling to lose weight?

Weight loss is a huge industry with many different companies all promoting their idea of how it is best to lose weight. Diet products from shakes to bars and vitamins are all advertised almost everywhere we go and almost in everything we read. Every day we are bombarded with various articles all telling us how to eat healthily and how to lose weight successfully. We all talk about our weight and probably think about it countless times during the day.

So why is obesity such a huge epidemic in the western world?

Of course there are many complex answers to this and its a question that has prompted a wealth of scientific research, study and theory. Sometimes opinions and advice can vary greatly and are divided, with ideas that tell us the opposite of each other, so it is really difficult to work out the truth and know which advice to follow.

Diets come in many different packages all claiming to be the one! However it might actually be far better to apply the KISS technique of keep it simple stupid to our food and eating habits. Weight loss doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult but you must first break the bad habits that are probable part of your daily life. That means really thinking about how you eat and how you view your food. Giving honest answers to these questions is a good start.

Do you use food as a reward or treat? It’s okay to do this but just make sure you are not treating yourself too often.

Is the food you eat a replacement for emotional need? Food will never fill an emotional hole in your life so think about what else you could do to fulfill that emotional need. This does not have to be complicated but can include really simple things such as making a phone call to a friend, arranging a social meeting or just having a nice hot bath and relaxing.

Do you eat more food than you need to? What are your portion sizes like could it be that you are in the habit of eating too much for your bodies needs. If you are in a very active job or exercising a lot you will obviously need more than if you are sat at a desk all day.

Learn to eat mindfully and consciously being fully aware of all the food you are putting in your mouth can help you to re educate yourself and modify your food intake reducing calories without even missing the extra food.

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